A Bit Fruity

Managed by Mr Chai Kok Hean (Steve), the company was formed to provide better control of our fruits entering Europe.

It is also to assess the potential of long term fresh fruits flown direct from South East Asia to Europe.

Our fruits are naturally ripe, freshly packed and flown direct from South East Asia to Europe to maintain the original taste, aroma and sweetness of the fruit.

Unlike most of the imported tropical fruits entering Europe that were picked before harvest season and ripened in containers or warehouses.

This will lose the authentic aroma and taste of the fruits.

Our mission is for consumers in Europe to enjoy the real sweetness and authenticity of natural ripened tropical fruits.

Our range of fruits include, Thai Mango, sweet coconuts, durian, mangosteen, mini pineapple and rambutans.

We look forward to expand our range of products in the near future to let more consumers in Europe enjoy the real taste of South East Asia.

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